Work process

Some of the OUTSOURCING services that we can arrange for you are as follows:

Note: The services mentioned are just some of the services we mentioned. There are many more positions that we provide outsourcing services.

The advantage of employing the outsource service

  • Reduce costs  in hiring full-time employees, in addition to salary, there are hidden costs, in case annual salary increase, annual bonus, etc. for hiring the outsource service. The employers can set time periods according to their needs because most of hiring the outsourcing service are contracted for a specified period of time.
  • Easy to recruit the person. Outsourcing is a company with management expertise in recruiting and HR management, thereby reducing the shortage rate and increasing the access to qualified people to the organization.
  • Reduce the paperwork/administrative work 


The position that we do not accept will be housewife and the security guard because there will be a company specializing in security guards and housewives. There will be 2 positions that accept no recruitment at all.

1 person can use the service. There is no minimum limit. But if it’s a large amount, you’ll get a special price. You can inquire with the staff.