We are the leader in technology solutions, HR, payroll services (Payroll Outsource Full Service). In this era, making payroll is a job that requires accuracy, detail and accuracy with difficult steps that may cause of errors that do not go as the planned. Is it better? If your business has a payroll company to take care of your organization. We have a dedicated team of experts. Ensuring compliance with the law and reducing the working time, to reduce the workload of HR Department, and to decrease the cost of allocation of permanent employees with hidden costs to respond the needs along with using the latest technology to help customer’s organizations operate to their full potential.

  • We are willing to give advice To plan the salary structure according to the law
  • To adopt technology to improve accuracy and reduce work errors.
  • To plan a salary structure for employers.
  • Preparing employee records according to the structure of the company
  • Checking information on income and deductions according to the company’s structure.
  • า้่เา่เา่รเรี้ย่้สา้สา้าสน้ส
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The advantages of using a Payroll Outsourcing Thailand

  • Reducing the cost of hiring full-time staff who specializes in salary and has experience with high salaries about 20,000-30,000 per month. If using the outsource to manage salaries, it will cost less than hiring full-time employees.
  • There is no need to invest in expensive payroll and time attendance software programs and no annual maintenance fees.
  • The information security that prevents the data Leaking. The data Leaking can cause of problems as multiple payroll departments are involved, which can lead to data leaks.
  • To reduce the mistake of organizing payroll management due to the fact that the payroll company has an expert and experienced team and the audit department before sending it to the employer.
  • To save the time in HR operations that payroll is a complex, multi-day job and need to require the
    high-resolution audits.
  • Taking the time to develop other parts of the company to make it easier for the company to grow its business. 

The main workflow outsource payroll

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If you already have an active timekeeping device. It can send data into the system to record the working hours same With API data transmission, you don’t have to invest in new hardware for recording employee time. You just send the time recording data to the server, your employees can see the time recording history through the application. In addition, you have an online leave or OT request system for your employees to use again, too.

We will have a form for the user to fill out and send it back to us, or if the user has a record of employees already, they can send it to us to manage the information. For the service providers who have not used the service since the beginning of the year, you must send additional information, namely Salary reports that have been paid before using the service because we have to collect information to prepare year-end reports such as PND. 1 Kor, Kor Tor 20, 50 bis, etc.

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