5 Things to Know Before Hiring payroll outsource


It’s certainly true that by the time the end of the month approaches,

Every month, HR employees are enthusiastic.

to collect employee work documents in the organization.

During that time, Everyone’s busy messing with paperwork.

whether it’s information. A broken-la-late or OT record

that requires consciousness to control calculations from making mistakes.

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Payroll outsource

Payroll outsource service

How do we meet business needs?

payroll outsource services How to meet business needs?
• Reduce salary working hours

Save working time

Businesses want to focus on key corporate projects to grow better.

  • Reduce the use of documents.
Reduce administrative work

Reduce the use of administrative documents.
Helps conserve the environment

and reduce unnecessary paper consumption rates.

  • Budget savings
    Reduce employment costs
budget - payroll
Reduce employment costs

It doesn’t cost you to update your software

to update current technology trends.
The remaining budget can be applied.

Present and develop other important projects.

  • Reduce human resource volume
  • Add another important part
Reduce the number of employees to increase other benefits.

Better human resources management is added to other parts instead.
For Example, increasing employee benefits

giving away free breakfast every day, etc.

5 Things Businesses Should Know?
Before You Decide on Hiring a Payroll outsource service

dreamteam payroll  outsource
  1. Study the details of payroll outsources services.
details of payroll outsource services.
  • Check the details carefully or contact and inquire with the payroll companythat the organization is interested in.

    For example,

  • what are the terms of service details? How does it cost? Or what packages are the right

            and most suitable for the needs of the organization?

  • how many employees can be accommodated?for basic information on the decision-making,
  • before hiring a payroll company for employees in the organization.

    to prevent later errors, you can also try to prevent later errors

  1. Studying the information about labor law

            carefully will be good.

Labor law information is important.

If the organization should study basic labor law,

To define or understand the regulations. Labor Law

and be able to inform employees in the company in the right way.

For example,

paid leave, and compensatory holidays.

Vacation days to prevent headaches afterward

  1. Make sure
Make your identity clear.

In addition to studying the details of payroll services,

Organizations should also check the information of companies

that are employed for salary as existential and reliable.


For example,

having a clear official company website page.

There’s an address and a phone number.

there are businesses or brands

that you may know who have used the service with this company before.

Having credibility with other brands is also an important tool for making decisions.

  1. Modern technology
HR solutions are constantly changing.

Today’s HR solutions are constantly changing.

many outsourcing companies that earn salaries

have state-of-the-art software and applications. definitely caters to customers.

Dreamteam payroll outsources service

We are a fully integrated payroll company

including personnel services, and state-of-the-art applications.

For example,

a wide range of cloud-TA time recording systems.

Supported via Android and IOS mobile

for convenient use anytime, anywhere.

Or the use of the coordinates specified

by the company in case of using the time-in

and out time recording function.

Read the interesting article: What is Cloud-TA? 

what should do? Is there a better solution?

First of all, we recommend that organizations

hire companies that provide payroll services.
Dreamteam Payroll outsources service is another

one-stop payroll company.

• We can help manage Effectively earn salaries

for employees in your organization.
You don’t have to worry about late paychecks or errors.

• We have a team that specializes in employee

payroll management services.
Operate systematically and process

according to the correct procedures of the payroll company.

• No need to increase the cost of hiring a salaried worker.
Reduce the employment budget by less.

• No worries about budget escalating and controlling, of course.

The remaining budget can be used

to develop other parts of the organization.

The importance of business and payroll services

The importance between business and payroll services 

Currently, the business market is very competitive.
Many organizations want their businesses to expand.
And eventually grow with competitors in the market.

But have to look back on if the business can’t focus.
To manage the most important matters.
It will prevent the business from growing

and expanding into the market.

It also has full functionality, saving the budget to hire people.
Good results and expected efficiency

Making payroll is a tricky task.

Because it requires a lot of skill, skill, and discreetness.
It can also take a week to make salaries for hundreds of employees.

“Is it better?
If the work is being done feels impactful

about time management,
or the organization requires a lot of budget
you can use the Time Management command.
to hire a salaried employee with full experience.”

But it’s hard.
For recruiting salaried employees
who have real experience before, and even more so?

Hiring one person requires a high budget and includes costs
that may arise from your commitment to the company.

Such as wages,
contribution rates to the Social Security Administration
and taxes. Lots of things, too.

Disadvantages of making their own payroll
Disadvantages when the organization makes its own payroll

payroll outsource service

1. Administrative problems document
This includes storing documents that are not properly used.
This can delay the collection of information. also, difficult.
In search of documents backward for a long time.
2. Software problems
Software updates or trends in new technologies
It may require a higher budget due to the constant
change in time and era when cutting-edge technology is emerging.

3. Budget escalation
Hiring experienced personnel

takes a lot of time and a fairly high cost.
There are also other charges. added,

such as contribution payments to the Social Security Office system,
the welfare of many companies that require employees under labor law

4. Manpower problems
If a certain day your employee becomes ill or resigns,
All of a sudden. how will the organization itself find a solution?

It’s another very important aspect to consider.
because if the company lacks any employees, one goes.

This, of course, affects the work in other systems as well.
so, hiring a payroll company is a better option and a better solution.

5. Error
During the salary period, employees are the busiest in HR.
It also requires a lot of documents and information

which can result in errors.

  • For example, miscalculation of formulas,
    misordering employee names, or taking
  • the OT of another employee to fill out alternately.
  • And when things go wrong, it delays the payroll. Not on time,
  • however, if you hire a salary company, you can effectively share the salary burden.Compared to the organization’s hiring of employees
  • within the organization to make their own salaries.


How important is payroll outsource service to business?

and for the reasons mentioned above
as a result, many organizations and small businesses
of many large sizes, are paying attention.

And became widely used with payroll outsource service
and was eventually very popular.

because of the best salary service, to all businesses,
organizations, or even entrepreneurs.

can provide convenience, convenience,
time-saving, budget savings, and good salary packages.

at an accessible price, as well as saving a lot of power to work.

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