Solution HR, a new work innovation that responds to the digital society


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Join to strive to develop Solutions for HR technology,
a new work innovation that meets the needs of the digital society.
Technology is growing now.
and was developed rapidly according to various environments favorable
Whether it’s a more simple HR payroll system including payroll programs Many styles
From the beginning, we had to do salary through the Microsoft Excel program,
which has a complex process and has to remember many formulas.
Which, if you think about it, will be a mess and a headache
I’m Prachaya Hunyon as Executive Director Dreamteam Payroll Outsource
with experience in human resource management and the working system of HR expertly
Also, I am ready to develop modern HR solutions, stepping into the digital society.
and to be consistent Most respond to the current work style.
Dreamteam Payroll Outsource currently focuses on developing
and designing work systems to meet customers’ needs.
In order to efficiently achieve the goals of the customers
with Payroll Outsource service
including a comprehensive human resource management
and a professional team
Emphasis on the efficiency of the work is the main with technology consulting
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