“6W1H” payroll outsource respond to business needs?

Whether you’re running a business in the United States or abroad, you’ll need workforce capital.
so that the company can continue to function normally and without restriction
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  • How good!
  • When and why ?
  • Payroll outsources service only in Thailand or not?
  • How does Payroll outsources Thailand work?

How good!

10 advantages of payroll outsource Thailand 

1.Save on employment costs

save cost of employment
lower the employment rate

2.Reduce the use of resources

Save cost unnecessary
to be in line with the recruiting budget and internal budget

3.New modern trend

Reach technology all the time Access to modern technology at all times.
Access to modern technology at all times.

4.Reduce errors

Avoid making mistakes
Reduce job mistakes and tax procedures.

5. Comfortable

payroll - management
If there is a change in personnel 

Reducing or increasing the compensation structure including filing a report to government agencies

6.Reduce the work process.

Reduce working
reduce the work process increase the efficiency of the organization

7.Business grow

business growup
Helping the business to proceed smoothly. and according to the goal

8.Plan a business strategy



business strategies
Organizations can develop business strategies 

to make them more profitable. and can catch up with competitors

9.Make salary is easy 

payroll management
Employee payroll management that is no longer a hassle.

10. Management human resources

Meet the needs of the business

What is Payroll outsourcing? 

Payroll outsource is an employee payroll management service provider. to comply
with the company’s requirements including recruiting Come to work for that organization as well,
as well as various operations by a team of experts in the company of Payroll outsource


“OUTSOURCE” is to hire temporary employees. The employment contract is contracted for a short period of time,
monthly or annually, as agreed with the employer, the organization and the contractor himself.
By these jobs, the higher the income. general job position because he is a specialist
That can help the organization’s work considerably. But maybe not many welfares like a normal employee
If you want to set up a business in Thailand with today’s extremely competitive business environment,
Therefore, administration in some systems may not be easy.
Different businesses have different strategies. especially the management of manpower 
Many outsourcing companies in Thailand It might be a good solution for your business.

how important it is

payroll outsources importance to business

1. Create a list of human resource management practices.

2. payroll administration and tax payment in accordance with local legislation

3.Modify the complex workflow.
Make it simple, convenient, and quick to meet the demands of the new era of HR work.

4.Provide recruitment services

in a timely manner to meet the needs of the business in the event of an emergency.

If there is a personnel change within the organization

5.Payroll administration

Employees should be paid on time.

Concentrate on accuracy, accuracy, and don’t be concerned about errors.

6.There are experts

available to provide advice and recommend conditions and regulations.

Employment Termination Procedures,

Various types of severance pay that the employee is entitled to under labor law

7.Various application technologies and systems

are adapted to the situation that has developed as a result of the era

Through a smartphone application, it is possible to use it anywhere, at any time.

8.Cut back on unnecessary spending.

to expand into new areas of the business


should you hire a payroll outsource thailand?

Another question, when?

Businesses should start outsourcing their salaries.

Internal and external factors of the business are necessary for the workforce.

Or is it necessary to solve the problem of human resource recruitment?

Calculate a budget or plan a business goal that can continue.

Competition of competitors in the market, including the system. Simplify the laws of the country.

If you are doing business in Thailand, it may be subject to legal taxes.

Let us mentor you on payroll and human resources management.


In addition to the company’s comprehensive management of Payroll outsources in payroll.

and recruitment service and HR solution services such as modern technology Cloud-TA entry and exit system 

Meet all functions of working If you want to be another business that manages Thailand,

Payroll outsources service can meet your business very well. and can help elevate your business to grow without interruption


Calculating the salaries of employees within that organization requires a significant amount of time and effort.

to ensure that the work is perfect with the fewest errors

Payroll services are extremely popular.

can respond to HR and business owners’ work in the new era of managing both inside and outside Thailand

Who’s payroll outsource right for?

Whether it’s a small business or a large one. Have different business strategies

of course, every business aims to make a profit or succeed in dealing with competitors in the market.

If a business has a better solution using Outsources Payroll that can help manage payroll, it’s a good idea.

to run their business more smoothly.


service only in Thailand or not? 

payroll services are very popular.

the reason is because many businesses recognize the importance of focusing on one thing.

to be able to achieve the goals set,


Therefore, this service is not required only in Thailand.

if you want to do business in Thailand but don’t want any hassle, you’ll need to In the legal process of the country.

a payroll recruitment company is the best solution for you.

Payroll outsources function

pay employees directly through the automatic bank account system

Payroll service & E-Pay slip

calculate wages

withholding tax for employees.

and pay employees directly through the automatic bank account system

Cloud-TA system modern technology

Can be used anytime and anywhere All you need is a smartphone and internet.

Outsourced recruitment services.

to match the qualifications and needs to help take over the work

from that organization and must not affect any work of the organization

  • Full-time staff
  • Executive level
  • Temporary employees
  • Contract workers or outsourcing staff

Welfare management for employees.

have welfare necessary for living and increase employee motivation

Salary report summary 

In order for the organization to verify the correctness of salaries

classified by type of income, deductions, and report the results.

send the accounting department in both PDF and EXCEL format of summary report.

Tax operations. in accordance with the laws of the country

without the hassle of doing it yourself Let us take care of this task for you.

Payroll outsource system work?

Payroll outsource - th
Payroll outsource Thailand system work

Processing an employee’s work day summary

Execute payroll of employees accurately, accurately and on time.

Overtime summary

Requesting OT, summarizing the results as specified by the employer

but not less than required by law

Summary of income, withholding tax

The money paid for the social security fund various monthly deductions


Calculate individual by department

by type, daily, monthly, weekly and fixed-paying schemes. in order to pay salaries on time

Salary report summary

Salary report for individual by department

automatic bank transfer

Send it to the bank to automatically pay employees’ salaries.

documents the government

Submit necessary documents to the government

Prepare documents both monthly

and annual, for example social security contributions

(Por.Por. Sor. 1-10), withholding tax (PND. 1). related to employers

Payroll service for which business?

Entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Thailand or general business organizations in the country

want your business to run smoothly can follow competitor situations without restrictions

business goals, strategic planning and still no best solution can be found


Dreamtem Company payroll Outsourcing Service Co., Ltd.

payroll and recruitment services, full-service personnel

The answer for every business for working to the fullest potential and maximizing business benefits.


in the global business market that is very competitive nowadays as a result,

many organizations Many strategies have been planned. to grow business profits

payroll outsources are now very popular in many businesses both inside and outside Thailand.


To help upgrade your business to further efficiency and achieve your goals. 

This includes the salary management factors of employees within the organization.

With innovative cutting-edge technology

at an affordable price, quality work is carried out by a team of professionals.


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